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Our unique take on the classic farmhouse ale

highest quality batches

'Tis the season for drinking our flagship brew: “Season”. But let’s be real, any season fits the bill with this highly drinkable farmhouse ale infused with grapefruit zest. Coming to Lake and Seminole County soon!

Check out our beer profile on Season below:


At Wolf Branch Brewing Company, we are dedicated to making the highest quality batches of mouthwatering craft beer for our family of Patrons. We welcome all those who pursue uncommon experiences.

Our mission: An unwavering commitment to enrich the lives of the Patrons we serve, striving to provide the highest levels of customer service, quality and overall experience. We are your indispensable ally in the search for a more beautifully crafted beer.

highest quality batches

Our Craft Beers

Belgian-Style Saison - ABV: 6.2% / IBUs: 16

Belgian-Style Witbier - ABV: 4.8% / IBUs: 16

Red Ale - ABV: 4.8% / IBUs: 18

Belgian-Style Dubbel - ABV: 8.4% / IBUs: 12

Coffee Milk Stout - ABV: 5% / IBUs: 15

Bière de Garde - ABV: 6.2% / IBUs: 22

Belgian Tripel - ABV: 8% / IBUs: 23

Our Team

core team

Core Team

What do a marketer, an Army Captain, a banker and an architect have in common? ...Don't worry, we promise we won't force a "four guys walk into a bar" joke on you...but to answer the question - a lot more than one would think. "La familia" (L-R: Josh, Jose Jr., Jose Sr. and Chris) all share a long-standing passion for craft beers which were inspired by our other true love - travelling around the world. Over the years, it became a family tradition to share stories about our ventures over the dinner table and recount tales about the different experiences and beers we were lucky enough to savor at the time. As co-founders of Wolf Branch Brewing Company, the four determined that they would pour these passions into creating a new kind of craft brewery - one that is experience-centered and focused on delivering worldly and rare brewing styles to the masses. With the launch of the brewery, it looks like our tables are getting a bit longer, so, make sure to say hi and pull up a chair the next time you see us. We're always up for a good story and we look forward to meeting our new family of Patrons.

support team

Support Team

OK, so three ladies walk into a bar...we kid, we kid. Patty, Dalie and Monica (L-R) are so much more than our "support team" - they're the lifeblood of Wolf Branch Brewing Company. From the point of us coming up with the brewery concept to bringing it to reality, they have always championed the belief that we should fervently follow our passions and shared dream of opening a one-of-a-kind brewery in Orlando. Oh, but these ladies are no glorified cheerleaders just sitting on the sidelines, they're Wolf Branch's creative sounding board - mostly to ensure the "good ideas" we dream up are just that. They're our test kitchen - infusing elements of family recipes into our brews that have been passed down from generation to generation. They're our product quality testers - verifying when we've hit a home run batch or sending us back to the drawing board when they sense even the most minute product flaw. They're the reason we believe Wolf Branch has big things on the horizon. Besides, they wouldn't allow us to believe any other way.

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We're up and running in Downtown Eustis! 119 N Bay St, Eustis, FL 32726
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