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October 4, 2016-Josh Greenberg

Anatomy of a Label – Palio

When crafting the labels that adorn our beers, there are a few key elements that we consider at the onset of design. Those elements are typically rooted in the people, places or experiences that have helped to inspire and shape our lives. As you’ll come to find out, the Wolf Branch Brewing team tends to be a pretty nostalgic bunch of storytellers and those stories are likely to manifest themselves on our labels.


So, where do we come up with those crazy beer names?

Family dinners are where we source a majority of our ideas. Whether it be the Jose’s sharing stories of their journeys across the continents or Chris and I chiming in with accounts of various eye-opening experiences we were lucky to view first-hand, the family dinner table serves as an ever-flowing fountain of content that we package up and share with you, our Patrons. Additionally, we like to consider ourselves pretty active listeners (my wife may tend to disagree, however…Love you, hun!). We get a lot of joy out of hearing from our Patrons and listening to your stories and unique beer experiences from across the world. These shared narratives truly shape who Wolf Branch is and what we aim to bring to the table.

All that said; let’s get into the fun stuff and dissect one of our most recent products – “Palio”. Palio is our Kölsch-inspired ale – a crisp, balanced and easy to drink brew characterized by it’s gold body, light bitter taste and fresh malt. This beer was inspired by our travels through Italy and hearing about the famous, “Palio Di Siena” – an absolutely insane horse race that happens twice each year. Racers charge through the heart of Siena, Italy through the Piazza del Campo as the crowd rains down cheers of support for their rider and “contrada” – the city subdivision they represent.

This is one of the oldest bareback horse races in the world and a pretty fun excuse for a party. So, when thinking about the style of beer we wanted while listening to stories about the race, we exclaimed – “What better beer to drink in the sweltering heat while screaming your head off in support of your favorite team?!? – A Kölsch would be perfect!” (Disclaimer: We didn’t actually say that aloud due to not wanting our new Italian friends looking at us like crazy Americans…)

Check out the video below for a little background on Palio Di Sienna:

When developing our labels, we’ll work with our designer Thomas to go through multiple phases of design – starting with a rough idea or comp that illustrates our concept and then continue to refine over time. The end result is something that our team is always very proud to share with you. Our end goal in label design is to create something that is eye-opening within the craft beer industry and deliver a look and feel that beer drinkers haven’t seen before.


Behold – “Palio”!


While this race experience is pretty amazing to watch in person, our aim is to continually provide our Patrons with similar eye opening experiences that they can get in their backyards. Who just wants to go to a brewery and see the same stuff over and over and over?? (Not you, you say? Dang right!)

That said; as we move closer to the launch of our brewery, keep an eye out for our own version of Palio di ___ racing experiences across Florida. Who knows, maybe you’ll see a “Palio di Orlando” coming at some point soon!

Cheers and we hope you enjoyed getting a behind-the-scenes look into how our labels come to life!

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