Before You Begin
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October 4, 2016-Josh Greenberg

Anatomy of a Label – Palio

When crafting the labels that adorn our beers, there are a few key elements that we consider at the onset of design. Those elements are typically rooted in the people, places or experiences that have...
August 12, 2016-Josh Greenberg

Reflecting on our first festival

Last month, the Wolf Branch team had the opportunity to serve its Patrons at the Florida SMaSH¬ Brewing Festival – an amazing experience that we aren’t soon to forget. While the 100+ degree temperatures nearly...
July 29, 2016-Josh Greenberg

Let’s have a SMaSHing time!

Tomorrow, the Wolf Branch Brewing team will be serving our Patrons for the first time at the Florida SMaSH Beer Festival. So, what exactly is this festival all about? Brewers from across the state of Florida...
July 25, 2016-Josh Greenberg

Q&A with Jose

(crazy rhyme skills) We recently sat down for an informal interview with Jose Villafana Jr. – co-founder of Wolf Branch Brewing Company and it’s Head Brewmaster. And when we say “sat down” we mean we...