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September 21, 2017-Josh Greenberg

Quality first and foremost for our local brewery

Q&A with Paul Griffin: Chief Quality Officer

How long have you been homebrewing?

I started homebrewing in 1991, so 26 years.

You’ve been homebrewing for quite a long time! What do you enjoy most about it and what was your favorite concoction?

I love the fact that brewing is a balance between both art and science. I especially love being able to control the ingredients and process to create a quality brew that suits my own tastes.

One of my all-time favorites is a pale ale that I made with Cascade Hops for bittering and Tettnang Hops for finishing. It was unusual in that, back in the day, NO ONE was using Cascades as a bittering hop. The beer turned out to be very light and citrus-y and a great hot weather beer. A couple of Certified Beer Judge acquaintances questioned my logic, but then tasted the beer and gave me a big thumbs up.

As Wolf Branch’s “Chief Quality Officer”, you play a huge role in ensuring we’re bring nothing but the best forward for our Patrons. What are the most important qualities you look for when gut-checking the team?

Well, Pepe has become such an accomplished brewer over the past couple of years that all I’ve been doing lately is just watching the “Certified Master Brewer” at work. I took more of an active role in creation of “The Griff” (Wolf Branch Brewing’s Brown Lager being unveiled at the Brutoberfest in Tavares, FL this weekend)

), though as it’s one of my recipes. I think what I actually bring to the table is years of experience in process orientation (keeping brewday on track) and trouble shooting. I also enjoy offering my two cents on the creation of new, quality recipes.

Surprisingly, we’ve never created a Brown Lager. We’ll be unveiling your special Brutober Fest beer in Tavares, “The Griff” this weekend. What makes this beer so special to you?

This brown lager is a variation of a brown ale recipe that won 2 Gold Medals at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). We’re using different malts and hops, of course, because it is a lager. Our goal is to make a hop-forward dark beer that IPA drinkers will enjoy.

What is your favorite homebrewing memory?

I have so many, but brewing with my son who lost his life in a car accident in 2009, is the closest to my heart.

home brewing

(From L-R: Paul’s son, Colin, his homebrew assistant brewer, Dale, Paul Griffin)

What are you most excited about related to Wolf Branch Brewing’s upcoming launch?

Knowing how hard the the whole family has worked, and seeing the love and respect that everyone shares, has been a blessing to witness. Most of all, though, I’m looking forward to the consistently great beer that Wolf Branch Brewing will be serving!


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