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July 12, 2016-Josh Greenberg

Meet the Author


Little known fact – including a baby picture in your blog posts increases readership by 65.3%. True story.

Well hello there! Welcome to “The Bierstro Blog” – Wolf Branch Brewing Company’s blog where you will be able to peer into the minds of our team.  We are actively working to bring our one of a kind brewery to Orlando, Florida.

As to not be rude, let me pull up a chair and formally introduce myself. “Heyo!” My name is Josh Greenberg, co-founder of Wolf Branch and soon to be your high-five / hug-it out / over the top handshake partner when I get the chance to meet you in person at our brewery, sampling events or at competitive, choreographed dance competitions. My MC Hammer running man / shuffle is on point.

So, now that I’ve hooked you on baby pictures and unsubstantiated promises of being a good dancer – let me give you a little color about your blog author.

A Little About Josh

I’m a marketer at heart and I’ve always been intrigued by the power of storytelling. Stories can inspire you, empower you and even move you to tears – stories are what connect us to each other. Over the course of my career in marketing and advertising, I’ve coached brands on how to effectively tell their story. Something always seemed to be missing for me though. After many late nights of staring into the warm computer glow of spreadsheets and presentations I realized that I wanted to be able to share my own story and directly connect with those who share my same passions.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to work in craft beer. The craft beer industry is one of community, shared passions and human truth – something that always appealed to a man jaded by the constant queries of, “what ad campaign could push the most sales volume of men’s designer socks this month?” (The answer is always the stripy-socked campaign – duh…). In 2014, I determined that this goal of having a marketing job in craft beer was something I would aim to make a career in and of itself. As chance would have it, my soon to be brother-in-law just so happened to share the same vision. Jose Villafana Jr. and I spent many late nights (not so much early mornings) dreaming up plans for building a truly unique craft brewery in Orlando, Florida. One fueled by the stories and experiences of our lives – a brewery centered on you, our Patrons.

Over the course of our blog posts, expect to see a heck of a lot of content about who Wolf Branch Brewing Company is, what we stand for and what is on the horizon. Things are moving pretty fast and furiously right now – which is so cool – and we’re glad that you’re along for the ride with us.

Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, even if for a brief moment. We can’t wait to share our first batch of Wolf Branch brews with you!


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