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Barrel-Aged Abbey Ale – Anniversary Brew

Rum…Beer…Rum…Birra. These are a few of our favorite things, which just so happen to form Wolf Branch’s anniversary beer release,”Rumberra”. This oak barrel aged, rum-infused Belgian Dubbel was inspired by the Rumberas. These Caribbean dancers were known to get a party started through their carefree and rhythmic expression that charmed and captivated viewers with every dip and turn. We wouldn’t be surprised if a few sips of this semisweet ale caused you to lead a free-spirited and spontaneous dance. No judgment zone here.



Rumberra is a Belgian-Style Dubbel ale amber to brown in color malt balanced on the semi-sweet side.  Rumberra is low in bitterness with an IBU of 12 and 7.4% ABV.  Brewed with molasses and aged in oak barrels for a period of up to three months.