Before You Begin
Are you at least 21 years of age?
September 21, 2017-Josh Greenberg

Quality first and foremost for our local brewery

Q&A with Paul Griffin: Chief Quality Officer How long have you been homebrewing? I started homebrewing in 1991, so 26 years. You’ve been homebrewing for quite a long time! What do you enjoy most about...
October 28, 2016-Josh Greenberg

Q&A with Jose Sr.

Jose Sr., – the family patriarch, the man who understands more about finances than your average bear (which keeps us from going broke), the one who believed in our dream from day one – recently...
July 25, 2016-Josh Greenberg

Q&A with Jose

(crazy rhyme skills) We recently sat down for an informal interview with Jose Villafana Jr. – co-founder of Wolf Branch Brewing Company and it’s Head Brewmaster. And when we say “sat down” we mean we...
July 12, 2016-Josh Greenberg

Meet the Author

Little known fact – including a baby picture in your blog posts increases readership by 65.3%. True story. Well hello there! Welcome to “The Bierstro Blog” – Wolf Branch Brewing Company’s blog where you will...