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July 17, 2016-Josh Greenberg

What’s in a name?

Wolf Branch Brewing Company – A brewery to be based in Orlando

“So, what does Wolf Branch mean?” A natural question for any newly formed organization who is now breaking into the craft beer scene.

The Wolf Branch Brewing Company brand has been carefully crafted and designed over the course of the past couple years. From the hand-drawn custom script, to our brand character, “Maximus” – everything element of our brand and logo holds a special meaning to our team.

So, let’s break it down:

Wolf Branch Meaning

Our origins are rooted in a story similar to that of many startups – brewing up test batches of beer in our garage on Wolf Branch Road in Mt. Dora Florida. This testing ground served as the foundation and was the genesis of our family’s dream. Brewing on our 15 gallon pilot system, we dove into and explored our passion for creating uniquely crafted beers. As we continued on our journey, we unanimously agreed to name our family owned company Wolf Branch – an homage to street where it all began.

Pilot System Wolf Branch

Wolf Branch Script

With the name for our brewery in place, we needed to create a logo that best represented our brand. That process started with our custom script. Leveraging the design services of our close friend Ryan Hague (Creative Director at Buzzfeed), we collaborated to craft a unique font style that was meant to be intelligent in its design, while including an intended lack of perfection. Kind of like our team – dedicated to creativity in our craft, but never taking ourselves too seriously.

Ryan quickly went to work coming up with various iterations of our custom script:

Ryan Hague Wolf Branch

Wolf Branch Script




After testing our various script styles, Ryan created the Wolf Branch script that we are proud to showcase to you today:

Wolf Branch Logo

Wolf Branch Brand Icon – “Maximus”

Meet Maximus Newcastle Villafana – the Wolf Branch family dog who touched each of our lives in such a positive way while he was with us here on Earth. Maximus was always by our side. Maximus was our loving, independent, adventurous and fearless friend whose values directly reflected what we strive to create in Wolf Branch Brewing Company. Believe us, if you had the chance to meet this one of a kind pup – you would understand.

Maximus Wolf Branch

Maximus was the ideal choice for our brand character. Enjoying all that life has to offer and loyal to the very end. He was also a BIG dog – a mix between a Great Dane and Black Lab. We always joked that he was almost like a wolf amongst other dogs. Maximus, the “wolf dog”, was naturally the next element of our brand logo:

Maximus Logo - Wolf Branch

Wolf Branch Logo

With both the script and brand icon in place, we worked to combine the two into our logo treatment. Maximus – emerging from the branches of the cluttered forest is representative of our organizational and Patron’s shared values – a sense of wanderlust, independence and our desire for adventure and exploration.

The split branch in his mouth represents connectivity and growth – the top representative of our team, the bottom – our Patrons and communities we serve. They two are mutually exclusive. We will grow together and share a symbiotic relationship.

Wolf Branch Logo

We hope this helps to answer the question we posed earlier and that you feel the same sense of pride we do whenever you don a Wolf Branch shirt or cap.





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